Ny Seng with a nice slot-sized puppy drum caught 11/18/13!

Tyrone Scales with a 2lb. 3 oz. Pompano caught 11/8/13!

Carol W. with a 22 in. drum caught 11/2/13!

B.T. with a 20 lb. King he caught 10/21/13!

Ed Joyner with a nice drum 9/28/13 (photo by Johnnie King)

Dean Phillips with a stack of nice Spanish caught yesterday!

Tim Arey with a 6-3/4 lb. speckled trout he caught 9/25/13 on finger mullet!

Pete Micah with a 4.75 lb Spanish!

Nice cooler full of spots and blues caught 9/15/13 by John Karakasis!

Colin Eimers with a 23 lb. King Mackerel caught 8/13/13!

Greg Vasquez with a 26 inch Puppy Drum caught 8/18/13!

Tess' shot "Fresh Catch".

Here's Joey Kellum with a 26 lb. king he caught 8/3/13.

Here's Colin Eimers with a 50 lb. tarpon he caught and released on July 4; this is Colin's third tarpon from the Jolly Roger!

Rusty Goodwin with a 19 lb Cobia he caught 6/20/13 using a bucktail jig with 12 lb test line!

Tyler (on the right) caught this 42 lb. Cobia 6/17/13 using a live menhaden!

2.5 lb. Pompano caught by Eric Kanipe on 5/28/13!

Jake's shot of a nice sheepshead caught by Ron McCauley on 5/26/13!

Mashallah with a nice black drum caught 5/23/13!

Addison Edwards' shot of a great Father-Son fishing trip!

Chris Hager's shot "Puffers Everywhere" 4/11/13

Wayne Nixon with one of many black drum he caught 10/29/12

Pompano 10/19/12!

Carol W. with a spot 10/15/12!

A nice mix of bottom fish caught 10/14/12!

Michael Lanier with a 20 lb. King caught 10/14/12!

Joey Kellum with a 25 lb. King caught 10/13/12!

Stacy Pleasant with a 37 lb. King caught 10/11/12!

Robbie Jordan with a 38 lb. King caught 10/11/12!

Brian Collins with a 44 lb. King caught 10/9/12!

Bradley and Austin Crossen with a 23 lb King caught 10/8/12!

Allen Smith with a 33 lb King caught 10/7/12 - Allen's first king!

Bennet "BT" Tolar landed this 30 lb. King on 10/6/12!

Mike Roten and Dale Pennington with a NICE pair of Kings (24 1/2 and 35 1/2 lbs.) caught 10/1/12!

35 1/2 lb. King caught by Dale Pennington 10/1/12!

Dean Phillips with a nice Spanish 9/25/12.

Guy Bianco with a 3 lb. pompano caught on a GotCha lure on 9/24/12.

Spanish caught by "Deep" on 9/13/12.

George Langston landing a blue 9/12/12.

Over the slot drum caught and released 9/10/12.

Nice drum prior to landing (see above) 9/10/12.

2 lb. 15 oz. Pompano caught by Randall Haro 9/10/12!.

Jackie Weathersby with a 32lb. King caught 9/7/12.

Steve Carlen with a big drum caught 9/7/12.

Chris Hagar with a NICE stack of sheepshead and black drum caught 8/8/12!

Hunter Moody with an 80 lb. Tarpon caught 7/27/12!

Michael Lanier with a BIG tarpon 7/6/12!

Harry Willard with a beautiful 26" puppy drum caught 6/29/12!

Bobby Joyce with a 4lb. 6 oz. flounder caught 6/25/12!

Tyler Rose with a 9 lb. chopper caught 6/22/12!

Here's Jake's photo of Alan Pleasants with 78" length, 42" girth tarpon he caught and released 6/15/12!

Here's Jake's photo of Doug Keicher with a 4lb black drum caught 5/29/12!

Here's Jake's photo of Willie Campbell with a 2 3/4 lb. Pompano caught 5/21/12!

Sam B. with a 4 lb. 8 oz. black drum he caught on 5/10/12!

Phillip Arrington with an 8.8 lb. chopper blue he caught on 4/30/12

Kevin Leary with a 20" Spanish caught 4/12.

Chris Hagar with an 8lb., 13 oz. Black Drum caught 4/17/12.

Here's Lisa H. with her first fish; wait a minute, it looks like two at a time!

Jackie with a nice speckled trout caught 11/9/11!

Nick Laws, Samantha Donley, Justin Donley, and Keith Laws with some nice speckled trout and blues caught 10/23/11.

Chris Hager says: "A bad day of flounder fishing turned into a good day of sheepshead fishing!" 10/6/11

Joseph V. with a nice drum he caught on 10/5-11 - his birthday!

Angelo “Deep” DePaola (below) caught and released this ~125 lb. tarpon on 9/20/11!

Deep fighting the Tarpon (above). For more about Deep, read “The Pier King” in the September/October issue of the Wildlife in NC Magazine.

George Langston with a nice speckled trout caught 9/19/11.

Kim with a nice pompano caught 9/21/11.

Here's Austin Piver with a nice 26" drum he caught on 9/17/11.

Earl Price with two nice pompano he caught Labor Day weekend.

Alan Pleasant with a 96 lb. Tarpon caught 8/4/11.

Brad Goodrich with a 26 lb. King caught 7/26/11.

Stacy Pleasant's 80 lb. Tarpon caught 7/23/11.

Bennett Tolar with a 6 lb. Spanish caught 7/22/11.

Colin Eimers' SECOND tarpon this season: 85 lbs. caught 7/20/11.

Chris Hager with a 26.5" red drum caught on 7/16/11.

Pat and Dustin Little with a 106 lb. Tarpon caught on 7/16/11.

Alex Padgett with a 7.5 lb. black drum caught on 7/11/11..

Colin Elmers with a 75 lb. tarpon caught on 7/6/11.

David Sugrue with an 83 lb.tarpon caught on 7/4/11.

Colin Elmers with a 19 lb. King Mackerel caught on 7/1/11.

Chris Hager with a 6.5 lb. Black Drum; look at the Shark bites!

Mike Stout's 17 lb. King Mackerel

Ray McNeely with a 31 lb. King Mackerel caught on 6/23/11.

Chris Hager with a 10 lb. 7 oz. Sheepshead caught on 6/22/11.

15-year old Alan Pleasant with an 83 lb. Tarpon he caught and released on 6/17/11 after a 2-hour fight!

Lyn Joyner with a 15 1/2 lb. Cobia caught on 6/15/11.

Stephanie Henly caught these 3 flounder on 6/12/11.

Marvin Campbell with a 4 lb. 13 oz. Spanish he caught 5/30/11 on a GotCha lure!

Howard Hill with a 10 lb. 14 0z. black drum caught 5/22/11.

Tyler Smith caught this 14 lb. 2 oz. chopper blue on 5/19/11.

Derrick Vaughn with a 6 lb. drum caught 5/15/11.

Hugh Hunter with a chopper blue caught 5/11/11.

This Dolphin was feeding on blues beside the pier this week.

Chopper blue caught on 5/5/11.

Emma L. catching blues on 4/20/11.

VA mullet coming to the rail 4/18/11 by Donald West.

Jim Tsioumos caught this 24" puppy drum on 4/17/11.

This pelican was fishing so close to shore that he rode a wave to the beach!

Allison Edwards' shot of a NE Greensboro intersection.

This Great Blue Heron was checking out the fishing action on the pier this morning - it was pretty slow for him too! Not much to report this week - a few Shad were caught earlier in the week. 1/6/11

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Fishing Report 4/14/14

Fishing continues to improve, with good catches of VA mullet, puffers, and a few blues. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/14/13

We are on the warming side of the cold front now, with nice weather forecast thru the weekend. Speckled trout are here now, along with black drum, some nice VA mullet, blues, and a few puffers. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/11/13

We had beautiful weather and slower fishing Saturday, with black drum and pompano caught in good numbers, a few spots, and scattered puppy drum and mullet. Good sized VA mullet hit last night. The wind is NNE this morning, which should pick things up today. Colder weather is on the way mid week, and then back in the 70's for the weekend! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/8/13

Yesterday we had spots, VA mullet, speckled trout, and puppy drum in good numbers, and nice mullet last night. The action has been better in the afternoon for the past several days. The wind is North at 15-20, and it is much cooler today, with clear weather forecast for the weekend! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/6/13

Robin's Sunrise Shot & Report: Good runs of SPOTS yesterday and last night, with puppy drum, VA mullet, and some blues mixed in. Good fishing conditions today as well, with NE wind at about 15 mph this morning. Sunny skies forecast for this weekend! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/2/13

Good runs of SPOTS last night! Nice sized VA mullet, puppy drum, and black drum as well. The rain has stopped, and we should have great weather for the remainder of the weekend. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/1/13

Nice sized VA mullet showed up last night, hitting on shrimp and bloodworms. We continue to see slot-size puppy drum, along with black drum, flounder, pompano, and blues. Scattered spots mixed in. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/31/13

GORGEOUS weather at the beach! We had a few mullet and puppy drum yesterday and a good run of blues in the afternoon. - Robbie Jordan

Fishing Report 10/28/13

The wind finally came around to the East yesterday afternoon, and we had good action last night on some really pretty puppy drum in the 23-27 inch class, along with some good keeper flounder and VA mullet. This morning the wind is light and variable, with calm seas. The forecast is for winds ENE for the next several days, with highs in the 70's - great Fall weather! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/25/13

Yesterday was a beautiful, cool Fall day, with calm conditions, clear water, and a NW wind. Unfortunately, the fishing was slow, with a few Spanish, pompano, drum, and mullet caught. The puppy drum are good-sized slot drum, and there are some black drum also. This morning the wind has switched to the North, and there is a good chop on the water, and it looks better for fishing. We've seen a few pompano, mullet, and spots so far this morning and Helen Coats caught one slot-sized puppy drum. There's lots of bait around still, and with the cold nights forecast, we should see the speckled trout show up soon. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/23/13

We caught Puppy drum, mullet, and pompano yesterday and this morning. Cooler (fishing!) weather is on the way for the weekend! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/21/13

We had a good fishing day yesterday, with a lot of nice sized VA mullet caught in the morning, Spanish, blues, and albacore mid morning, and bigger pompano later in the day. B.T. caught his king already this morning. The wind is NE at 10 mph, and it's cool outside; perfect fishing weather! - Robin Orr

Fishing Update 10/20/13

We are catching some very nice VA mullet this morning - bloodworms are the ticket! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/16/13

Good Fall fishing, with lots of Blues on GotCha lures, plenty of pompano, and good numbers of both black and puppy drum. Spots and VA mullet have been hitting on the rising tide. More keeper flounder this week, and one King caught so far. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/14/13

LOTS of big , fat, BLUES for the past several days, mostly hitting GotCha lures, early and late in the day. Mid-day and afternoons we have seen good numbers of pompano, and mixed spots, mullet, and both puppy drum and black drum. More spots, mullet, and drum at night. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/11/13

There were good numbers of black drum in the 5 lb. class caught yesterday. This morning we have clear water, lots of bait fish, and plenty of blues hitting on GotCha lures, along with some speckled trout, flounder, and puppy drum. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/10/13

We caught spots, pompano, puppy drum, blues, and Spanish this morning. Yesterday we had spots, mullet, pompano, and some black drum. Lots of bait fish in the water. After several days of very rough weather, the ocean is calming with a good NW breeze this morning, and the wet weather is moving out of our area. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/2/13

We had another good run of Spanish late yesterday afternoon, and some nice slot-sized puppy drum last night. Bait fish were thick yesterday, with lots of red minnows and shiners. Pompano are showing up now, and most are around a pound and a half. This morning we've seen some blues, Spanish, flounder and drum so far. Conditions are light winds and clear water, with water temp in the mid-70's and air temp going to around 80 today. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/30/13

Great runs of Spanish yesterday, with many folks limiting out! GotCha lures and diamond jigs were the hot baits. There were also some very nice speckled trout, puppy drum, and flounder landed. On Saturday afternoon we saw some of the largest Spots yet this season, as well as a number of pompano. Good Fall fishing and great weather this week! - Robin Orr

From our Facebook Page 9/27/13

Chris Boyles: Just got back from there, Had two hits on my King rig, caught a ton of bluefish and some nice Spanish on gotcha lures, with the blue head and white body the main preference, my son and his friends caught some mullet, blues and a few nice pompano...
Lucille Wyatt Duggins: just got back from there, I loved the fishing, blues & Spanish did it again, lol WORE US OUT

Fishing Report 9/27/13

Spots and mullet bit last night; spots are getting bigger and more plentiful daily. Yesterday we had LOTS of flounder caught; many were under sized, but there were some nice keepers (15 inch minimum) caught as well. Spanish and blues hit early and late in the day; mid day was slow. There are still a lot of false albacore around, and bait is plentiful. Speckled trout showed up in good numbers this week - about a month earlier than normal! There should be some kings caught soon. The wind is NNE at 12-15 this morning, and is forecast to stay NE thru the weekend, with sunny skies - GREAT fishing weather! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/25/13

The ocean is Alive with bait fish this morning! Mullet, red minnows, shiners, ballyhoo - all from the surf zone out past the end of the pier. Spanish, blues, and false albacore are feeding on them, and being caught on GotCha lures. Yesterday we had a school of speckled trout under the pier; a good number of them in the 2 lb size and one 5-pounder were caught on live shrimp. Last night we caught spots and VA mullet. The wind is ENE at about 7 mph this morning, and the weather is perfect! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/23/13

After a damp, misty day yesterday, the weather has cleared, and we have clear, cooler conditions today, with winds out of the NE around 15. Once again the ocean is alive with jumping mullet streaming down the beach, with schools of blues and false albacore feeding on them. Some spots and mullet were caught over night, along with some black drum in the 5-6 lb class. The wind is forecast to remain NE for the next several days, which should be great for fishing! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/20/13

The mullet have been streaming by nonstop for the past several days, with Spanish and big, fat, Fall blues working on them. This morning a school of Tarpon just past the surf was migrating south with the mullet. Today there are LOTS of big blues being caught on GotCha lures and cut bait. Good numbers of slot sized puppy drum caught yesterday afternoon, along with black drum. Weighed in a 4 3/4 lb Spanish caught on live bait. Night time action has been good for spots, VA mullet, and black drum. A few pompano and flounder in the mix this week. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/18/13

Fishing continues to improve this week, with spots, mullet, flounder, and blues in good numbers, and some black drum as well. Perfect weather conditions, with NE winds about 15 mph today, a full moon coming on, and cooler temps. The water temp is 75 degrees this morning. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/16/13

Great weather and good fishing over the weekend, with bigger Spots, VA mullet, fat Fall Blues, Spanish, and flounder - just good fishing all over! Lots of bait fish in the water still, and schools of blues, Spanish and Ladyfish are all over them. The wind is forecast to go back to the NE tonight thru the next several days, which should help maintain the action! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/12/13

Great action for Blues this morning on GotCha lures, along with a few Spanish. Lots of bait in the water now. Spots and mullet hit last night. Cooler weather is on the way this weekend, which looks good for fishing in general. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/9/13

Fishing has been more productive after dark, with spots, mullet, and black drum being caught. There are good numbers of bait fish in the water now, so look for the Spanish, blues, and Kings to show up with the clear conditions. Flounder have been increasing in number and size this week. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/7/13

Good numbers of big Spots last night, as well as VA mullet, puppy drum, and black drum. The wind is NNE this morning at about 12 mph, and conditions are good for fishing! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/2/13

Spots hit again yesterday morning, and are hitting this morning as well. There are some nice sized Pompano showing up now, along with more VA mullet and black drum. Puppy drum are in the mix, and good size too. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/28/13

Good action on Spots, VA mullet, and black drum last night! Spanish hit yesterday in the early morning hours and some nice speckled trout hit this morning. It's hot today, so late afternoon and again at night will be prime times. There have been some big schools of jumping mullet heading south today, with tarpon and other large predators feeding on them. Fall fishing is just around the corner! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/25/13

Good sized SPOTS today! Blues are hitting cut bait also. The wind is NE at about 12 mph, and the jumping mullet have been streaming by all day. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/21/13

Yesterday, fishing was slow during the day, but after dark, we caught spots, mullet, flounder, and pompano. Several schools of jumping mullet came by as well. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/18/13

The rain has moved out of the area and our forecast looks great this week, with clear skies, light winds, and temps in the 80's. Nice puppy drum, trout, flounder, and mullet have been caught for the past several days. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/8/13

Great run of Spanish just before dark yesterday. Good size and plenty of them! They are ON again this morning as well! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/5/13

The Kings are back! We caught 3 nice kings this weekend. Spots bit again last night, along with black drum, mullet, and some puppy drum. Lots of baitfish in the water. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/26/13

Fishing has improved, with 2 big Kings caught this morning, 27 and 33 lbs! Spots are still here, some blues on plugs, along with sheepshead, black drum, and mullet. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/18/13

Great run of Spanish yesterday afternoon and this morning! Good catches of sheepshead and black drum last night. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/16/13

Fishing remains better than average, with spots, flounder, black drum, and a few blues showing up. Captain Johnson reports a good catch of Spanish from the Miss Jo this morning.

Fishing Report 7/9/13

Spots at night and early in the morning; a few flounder, black drum, and puppy drum during the day.

Fishing Report 7/4/13

Last night, we caught spots, mullet, drum and trout. Colin Eimers just caught and released a 50 lb. tarpon! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/2/13

Over the last couple of days, we've seen spots, mullet, pompano, and black drum, and some blues and Spanish when the water is clear. - Laura Orr

Fishing Report 6/21/13

Spots hit again last night, and there were some keeper flounder caught. Nice black drum this morning along with some Spanish and blues. Tarpon free jumping off the end of the pier, and menhaden are going by! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 6/20/13

Summer spots, sheepshead, croakers, flounder, and cobia make up the catch for the past several days. Forecast of Easterly winds looks good thru the weekend for fishing, and will help keep the heat down as well! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 6/17/13

Lots of menhaden around now; good action late last night for spots, mullet, croakers, & drum. Daytime fishing remains good for black drum, some flounder, and blues & Spanish when the water is clear. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 6/13/13

Good numbers of black drum this week with many caught on live shrimp. Some over the slot puppy drum caught (and lost!) , as well as spots, mullet, and croakers. A few blues and Spanish when the water is clear. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 6/6/13

Good numbers of small sheepshead, summer spots, and a few Spanish for the past several days. Night fishing has produced croakers, spots, and mullet. Chris Hager landed a 6.25 lb. black drum yesterday! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/31/13

After a slow start yesterday, things picked up in the evening with a good run of Spanish, several Cobia hooked up, and more Cobia seen. They are catching Blues and some Spanish this morning. Last night we caught mullet, spots, and black drum. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/29/13

We have some good fishing going on now, with blues hitting GotCha lures every morning, nice pompano, black drum, flounder, and bigger Spanish every day. There are a lot of schools of menhaden coming by, and some big Cobia have been seen in them. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/27/13

Lots of Bluefish every day with some nice size Spanish mixed in. Plenty of black drum, as well as sheepshead, whiting, and puppy drum. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/25/13

Robin's Report: We have seen quite a few drum in the 3 to 4 lb range this week, along with some nice summer whiting and sheepshead. The blues are thick this morning! Terrific weather forecast this weekend! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/22/13

Great runs of Blues are still happening every morning, with some nice sized Spanish mixed in! Black drum, pompano, and a good VA mullet run last night have kept things busy! It feels like Summer, & the water temp is now above 70 degrees! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/17/13

Awesome weather! Great action for Blues every morning this week, with some nice 2 lb. pompano, some sheepshead, black drum, and puppy drum. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/13/13

Great action again yesterday for blues. Good numbers of black drum in the 3-4 lb. range over the weekend, with some nice 25 inch puppy drum as well. There are lots of Menhaden coming up the beach now, so look for the blues and Spanish to be working them. With the warmer weather coming later this week, we'll start looking for Cobia as well! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/11/13

Friday: good action for Spanish and Blues on GotCha lures. Friday Nite: black drum, mullet, hogfish, sheepshead. Saturday AM: blues - all that you want on GotCha lures, with a few Spanish so far...

Fishing Report 5/10/13

Good Spanish action this morning! Lots of blues yesterday. All on GotCha lures. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/9/13

FIRST SPANISH of the season caught this morning! Blues, pompano, puppy drum, black drum, mullet, and speckled trout also. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/6/13

Mullet and black drum were caught over the weekend. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/1/13

Blues arrived in good numbers this week, and the water is green and clear now. Some nice black drum in the 4 lb. class, and 25" puppy drum. A few mullet at night. Good numbers of hogfish. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 4/29/13

Bluefish Blitz!! Blues on every cast this morning on GotCha lures!! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 4/24/13

Chopper blues arrived over the weekend, along with schools of bonito. Smaller blues were caught on GotCha lures as well. With the rough conditions, we saw some nice sized croakers caught at night. Va mullet are still here, along with the puffers, and several flounder have been caught. If the weather stays warm, we'll be looking for pompano and Spanish soon! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 12/7/12

Puffers, with a few speckled trout and puppy drum. We have another warming trend for the weekend, with temps going to the upper 60's again. A slight chance of showers this morning, winds ESE, then going South by Sunday. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 12/5/12

A few more nice speckled trout have been caught this week, along with puffers and puppy drum. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 12/3/12

We have caught Lots of Northern puffers for the past week, with a few black drum, puppy drum, VA mullet, and speckled trout mixed in. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/26/12

The weekend was slow, with a few mullet, black drum, & a bunch of puffers on Saturday. A few trout last night, and several slot sized puppy drum this morning. The weather forecast calls for a beautiful day today, a slight chance of showers tomorrow, then clear for the remainder of the week! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/23/12

Good catches of VA mullet last night, with some black drum mixed in. Speckled trout this morning! Another beautiful day today, with the temp going to 60 degrees. Cooler, but clear weather is forecast for the next several days. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/21/12

Puppy drum, black drum and VA mullet for the past several days. - Robin Orr

Robin's Report 11/19/12

The sea ducks are streaming south now, and the gannets and pelicans are working out on bait fish just off the beach. Lots of neat birds are to be seen over the next several months. Some nice mullet were caught over the weekend by a few hardy fishermen who braved the nor'easter and rain. Windy conditions are forecast again today, then moderate NE winds for the next several days.

Fishing Report 11/16/12

Nice catches of VA mullet and black drum yesterday, with puffers, puppy drum, and a few trout as well. Small croakers and puffers so far this morning. The wind remains NE and it looks like the rain has moved offshore! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/14/12

Lots of puffers for the past several days. Last night we had spots, trout, & mullet. This morning we have had mullet, black drum, and a few spots so far. The wind is NE at about 15, & should remain there for several days, with temps around 60 degrees. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/12/12

Big VA mullet last night along with black drum in the 4-5 lb class. This morning we have already seen black drum, puppy drum, pompano, spots, blues, and trout. The wind is ESE, & the water looks great for fishing. One more day of warm weather, then a cold front is due here mid week. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/9/12

We saw some big VA mullet last night, along with a good number of puffers. Blues, trout, drum, & puffers so far this morning. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/8/12

Blues and speckled trout early yesterday morning, then puppy drum, puffers and mullet later in the day. Small mullet last night. The forecast for the weekend sounds awesome: clear skies, temps in the upper 60's, and winds NNE. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/5/12

Good mix of fish this morning with blues hitting plugs; black drum, VA mullet, puppy drum, trout, and a few spots on bottom baits. The wind is NNE, and forecast to remain there for several days, with clear skies for the weekend. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/2/12

Yesterday was one of the best fishing days of the year! We had a large number of black drum and many people reached their limit on speckled trout. We also had a few spots and mullet mixed in. - Robbie Jordan

Fishing Report 11/1/12

Great fishing yesterday! Black drum, puppy drum, speckled trout, spots, puffers & blues. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/31/12

LOTS of puppy drum. Good sized Speckled trout are showing up. Black drum, mullet, and some spots already this morning. Blues and mullet yesterday. Good weather forecast thru the weekend! We are open and accessible, with no storm damage. - Robin Orr

Robin's Report 10/29/12

Our weather continues to improve, with partly sunny skies, offshore winds, calming seas, and cooler temperatures. The weekend forecast is sunny and cool. We are open and accessible, with no storm damage. Croakers and mullet hit last night, and spots, black drum (see photo), mullet, and puppy drum are hitting this morning!

Sandy Report 10/28/12

The wind is now offshore and is helping to diminish the swells, which were really big yesterday and last night. Most of the rain appears to have moved out of our area. No damage to the pier. We should have some good fishing when this settles a bit more. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/24/12

Slow yesterday, but with good variety: Pompano, VA mullet, sheepshead, & flounder scattered throughout the day. Small VA mullet last night. The wind is forecast to go NE at 10-15 today, which should be good for fishing! - Robin Orr

Afternoon update 10/19/12

COOLERS FULL of Spots today! Lots of nice pompano as well. October fishing at it's best!

Fishing Report 10/19/12

GREAT runs of Pompano, spots, and VA mullet yesterday. A few blues caught on GotCha lures. Puppy drum and black drum are in the mix as well. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/18/12

EXCELLENT Runs of Spots and Pompano today! Also, some nice-size Virginia mullet with both puppy and black drum mixed in. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/16/12

Another great day yesterday, with lots of spots hitting on both sides of the pier, good numbers of pompano and VA mullet also. One 20 lb King was put on the deck by Allen Smith late in the day - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/15/12

We saw a really nice mix of fish caught thru the day yesterday, with good action on spots, pompano, VA mullet and black drum on bottom baits, and blues on GotCha lures. The King bite continues: Michael Lanier caught a 20 lb. king late in the day. Great weather & great fishing! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/14/12

SPOT RUN! We had a good spot run for several hours last night. We also had lots of big fat blues caught on CotCha lures all day yesterday. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/10/12

Big Kings are still here - 5 landed yesterday, with multiple more strikes. The largest was Brian Collins' 44 lb. fish! One landed, one lost already this morning. Mixed bottom fishing with VA mullet hitting best on bloodworms, a few spots, and some puppy drum, flounder, and trout. Cooler weather is here, & should improve the overall fishing conditions. Winds are forecast to go NE tomorrow. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/8/12

It was slow over the weekend until the cold front arrived Sunday evening, and then the fishing improved, with spots, mullet, drum and Spanish all hitting. The King bite continues with BIG kings. This morning we have mullet, drum, blues and spots already.

Fishing Report 10/5/12

Good action yesterday in the afternoon and evening for Spots, with some mullet and pompano mixed in. This morning we have seen blues, Spanish, mullet and puppy drum so far. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/3/12

The good King bite continued yesterday, with Dale Pennington catching a 29 lb. fish (his third for the week), and multiple strikes through the day. Bottom fishing was slow, with some mullet, spots and drum. Scattered blues and Spanish early and late. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 10/1/12

35 1/2 lb. King just caught by Dale Pennington! Good runs of VA mullet yesterday, with some Spots mixed in during the afternoon and last night. The Spanish hit late afternoon, and this morning as well. Some fat Blues in the mix. Lots of bait fish in the water. Bigger Drum were caught over the weekend, along with a few Flounder. The wind is ENE now, with some showers moving through the area. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/26/12

Fall fishing is ON! Another good run of fat Spanish yesterday afternoon! Plenty of blues in the 2-3 lb. class. The best catch of flounder that we have seen in quite some time. 2-4 lb. Jack Crevalle hitting GotCha lures. Black drum & puppy drum mixed in. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/23/12

Mixed bag for the past several days, with lots of blues & a few Spanish early & late, pompano, drum & flounder mid day, and croakers & mullet at night, along with a few big spots. 23 lb King caught as well. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/20/12

Lots of bait moving now - the ocean was covered in finger mullet yesterday, and there were plenty of blues and Spanish ripping through them. GotCha lures were the best bait. We are still having good action on puppy drum, many being over the slot size. After dark there were croakers, mullet, and a few spots caught. The wind is about 12 mph from the NE now. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/17/12

Good runs of pompano over the weekend! Mullet and spots mixed in. Scattered, but good sized Spanish early and late on GotChas and diamond jigs. Puppy drum of every size - under and over the slot! The winds remain easterly, & other than some showers Tuesday, the forecast looks good for this week.

Fishing Report 9/14/12

Blues hit at daybreak yesterday, followed by some nice pompano, mullet and drum mid-day. The Spanish hit late in the afternoon, and there were small croakers caught after dark. More blues this morning on GotCha lures, with some Spanish and speckled trout mixed in. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/13/12